How It Works
It Is Easy & Simple To Retain Clients Using This Method
Step #1: Offer simple online form to the client
Once the client is ready to hire you, you simply offer them the option to pay via financing. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to ask them, “Would you like to see what your monthly payments will be?”. 

This form WILL NOT effect their credit. It is simply there to tell you whether or not the client will qualify, and what their monthly payments will be. 
Step #2: Review their payment options
In most cases, the system will instantly spit out their options. There is no need to wait around. 

When a client is accepted, then you can move on to the next step. If they are denied financing, then simply offer them terms.
Step #3: Get paid
Once your client is approve they’ll get the money within 24 hours. Simply take the payment (all up front) and you are good to know.
Ready to retain more clients and collect all your fees up front?
The Consequences Of Using Financing
The direct benefits of financing are simple. You get more clients, more revenue, and you save time and money. However, there is one consequence to all of this that is hardly discussed:
“Giving your clients an easy and affordable way to retain you, instantly gives them a favorable view of your firm.”
The law firms who truly flourish are the ones who use those extra-happy clients to get more clients. After testing out hundreds of different approaches, we’ve found the best one.

Studies have shown that 88% of consumers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. Naturally, you already know how powerful a ‘personal recommendation’ is.

Now imagine having dozens and dozens of online reviews. It is kind of like having a bunch of online salespeople constantly recommending your law firm 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. 

We’ve created a simple way to collect and distribute reviews to skyrocket your online reputation. All your happy clients have to do is fill out a simple form you send them. The reviews will then be automatically posted to your personal review site and website. 

Have a look at this:
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The results have been so positive we’ve decided to throw it in at no extra charge. This reputation services would set you back $597 per month on average with the EasyRetainer© Program working for you.  Every single day that you delay, you’ll be missing out on new clients and a better online reputation. So click on the button below to set up a 1-1 consultation.  
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A little about us…
EasyRetainer® is an offshoot of the industry leading legal marketing company, Big Mouth Marketing. After helping hundreds of attorneys grow their firms, 100,000 ads, 5,000 marketing tests, and 1.4 million leads in various industries, we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing what works and what doesn’t.

And making it easy for clients to afford your legal fees is one of the best ways to grow your firm.