We Specialize In Helping Law Firms Retain New Clients
EasyRetainer® is an offshoot of Big Mouth Marketing. One of the most successful law firm marketing companies in the country with 300 positive reviews.

Gary Musler, our CEO, has been responsible for generating over 1.5 million leads, running over 100,000 ads, and doing 5,000 marketing tests. The man is obsessed with efficiency and growth.

After helping more than 500 law firms grow we noticed something interesting. The financing solution PLUS online reputation went hand in hand. They truly helped our attorneys to easily retain clients.

So we decided to launch a separate department that solely focusses on that one goal: Helping you to quickly and easily retain new clients with full and up front payments.

Starting out is as simple as scheduling a 1-1 call with us. We’ll walk you through everything and get you set up.
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Ready to retain more clients and collect all your fees up front?
Want to retain more clients and collect more of your fees up front?
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A little about us…
EasyRetainer® is an offshoot of the industry leading legal marketing company, Big Mouth Marketing. After helping hundreds of attorneys grow their firms, 100,000 ads, 5,000 marketing tests, and 1.4 million leads in various industries, we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing what works and what doesn’t.

And making it easy for clients to afford your legal fees is one of the best ways to grow your firm.