Make A Huge Return On Your Investment Or You Don’t Pay A Penny
This service should not cost you a dime and here's why...
Yes, there is an initial set up fee. Yes, there is a small fee per case (charged by the institutions who offer financing). Yes, we do charge a tiny monthly maintenance fee.

However, those fees should pale in comparison to the additional yearly income you can earn from this.

That’s why we decided to put our money where our mouth is.

If you use the EasyRetainer® Program, and you do not get a positive return on your investment, we’ll refund you the full amount you paid us.

Therefore, technically this service shouldn’t cost you a penny. It is an investment with a guaranteed return, as long as you use it of course.

See for yourself with our online ROI calculator below.

Your fees will depend on how many cases you submit every month.

Discover how much extra cash you’ll bring in every month with our online ROI calculator.
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A little about us…
EasyRetainer® is an offshoot of the industry leading legal marketing company, Big Mouth Marketing. After helping hundreds of attorneys grow their firms, 100,000 ads, 5,000 marketing tests, and 1.4 million leads in various industries, we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing what works and what doesn’t.

And making it easy for clients to afford your legal fees is one of the best ways to grow your firm.