Does the application effect my client’s credit score?
No. It’ll tell them whether or not they qualify BEFORE they apply for the financing. So it is actually good practice to put them through the simple online form.
What if they do not qualify for financing?
Since it does not effect your client's credit score it doesn't harm them. Simply offer them terms like you usually would. Make sure you explain that not everyone qualifies, and if that’s the case they’ll have other options.
How many clients qualify for financing?
It depends on the types of clients you bring on. However, about 30-40% of the clients you are currently extending terms to will qualify for financing. A further 20% or more of clients who claim they ‘can’t afford’ your fees will become clients as well. So the net benefit is huge.
Does financing break bar rules?
Not in this case. The client is getting a loan that is independent from your law firm. They can technically use that money for anything. This 100% complies with bar rules.

It is the same as getting a loan for a vacation. They get the cash, and they can spend it on any vacation they wish.
What is the EasyRetainer service?
The EasyRetainer® service (or program) helps you to easily retain new clients in two ways. The first is via financing. This makes you more affordable and also gives you all your money up front.

The second part is reputation. By offering your clients an affordable option you can put them through our review system. It’ll collect the reviews and distribute it to your own personal review website which we build. They’ll also automatically be posted on your website.
You’ve seen lots of law firms grow, what is the best way to use this service?
There is a counterintuitive method of drastically increasing your income without needing to take on additional clients. The attorneys who adopt this method see outstanding results.

They simply increase their fees by 20-30%. By offering easy monthly payment plans the increase in the monthly figure is negligible WHILE  your up front income skyrockets.
  • Clients can still afford you, because of the financing.
  •  You can offer a better service because your fees are higher.
  •  Your clients respect your time more since they understand that ‘the most expensive are the best’. 
Not all attorneys do this, however it is the single biggest growth factor we’ve seen.
What are the fees?
Processing the financing is about the same as a credit card processing fee. There is also an initial setup fee. Schedule a 1-1 call with us to discuss it further.
Want to retain more clients and collect more of your fees up front?
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A little about us…
EasyRetainer® is an offshoot of the industry leading legal marketing company, Big Mouth Marketing. After helping hundreds of attorneys grow their firms, 100,000 ads, 5,000 marketing tests, and 1.4 million leads in various industries, we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing what works and what doesn’t.

And making it easy for clients to afford your legal fees is one of the best ways to grow your firm.