Get Clients To Afford Your Legal Fees With The EasyRetainer® Program
No need to worry about collections or late payments.
You get your full retainer up front.
How To Increase Your Law Firm’s Revenue With Financing
The EasyRetainer® program is specifically designed to give you all your fees up front, without delay. When a client cannot afford your fees, you simply offer them the easy option of financing. They get to pay in installments while you get everything up front. This increases your income while making you more affordable to clients.

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How To Save Money For Your Law Firm With Financing
Did you know that the average client who accepts ‘terms’ takes 14 hours of staffing time to pay? The EasyRetainer® program means that you completely avoid collecting payments or following up with clients. This can save your law firm thousands of dollars each year. This alone makes the program worth it.

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How To Save YOUR Time With Financing
Offering financing doesn't simply increase your income and give you happier clients. It also saves you valuable TIME.

Your clients are used to financing. They buy houses, cars, and furniture with it. So you don’t have to waste too much time selling them on the idea. You and your staff can focus on what really matters... serving your clients and getting them to best outcome.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the application effect my client’s credit score?
No. It’ll tell them whether or not they qualify BEFORE
they apply for the financing.
What if they do not qualify for financing?
Since it doesn’t effect their credit score there is no harm done.
Simply offer them terms like you usually would.
Does financing break bar rules?
Not in this case. The client is getting a loan that is independent from your law firm. They can technically use that money for anything. This 100% complies with bar rules.
What is the EasyRetainer® program?
The EasyRetainer program is helps you to easily retain new clients in two ways. Read more about the inner workings of the program here.

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A little about us…
EasyRetainer® is an offshoot of the industry leading legal marketing company, Big Mouth Marketing. After helping hundreds of attorneys grow their firms, 100,000 ads, 5,000 marketing tests, and 1.4 million leads in various industries, we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing what works and what doesn’t.

And making it easy for clients to afford your legal fees is one of the best ways to grow your firm.